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Every year approximately 1 in 68 children (1 in 42 boys) are diagnosed with autism. Understanding and managing through the challenges of this diagnosis can be difficult for any family. For low income families, the financial impact can be staggering.  At Envision, we work with individuals that have been diagnosed with autism. Our programs focus on developing functional life skills, job training and community integration.

Envision Unlimited's Autism Services provide specialized supports to individuals who are identified on the Autism Spectrum. The program is designed around the interests, strengths and needs of participants - providing opportunities for men and women to participate in functional and meaningful activities within a highly structured and supportive environment. Through environmental and visual supports, along with a stimulating curriculum, individuals are afforded the opportunity to maximize personal potential and achieve personal success. Program strategies include, but are not limited to:

Functional curriculum - money skills, cooking, social skills, hygiene, etc.

Multi-modal communication strategies - sign language, pictures, assistive technology, etc.

Individualized schedules/routines

Daily exercise program

Positive behavioral supports

Structure and consistency

Envision Unlimited offers Autism Services on both the North Side and South Side of Chicago to meet a growing city-wide need. It is an alternative to traditional day and employment program settings and emphasizes the development of communication skills, functional life skills and community integration.

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Client Services

For over half a century, Envision has been focused on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our many programs have been developed to help our clients participate in their surrounding communities as well as develop the skills to find great levels of personal fulfillment.

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