Two Dimensional Art

Painting and drawing have been mainstay of the Envision Arts Studio model since its inception.

Our program features collaborative art making opportunities on large community canvases, as well as intensive instruction for the artist who wishes to cultivate his or her own personal studio practice.

Our paintings and drawings range in size from intimate scale pieces… all the way up to 6x9 foot murals. These pieces are created on canvas, paper and other inventive media such as burlap and found objects.

The program provides opportunities to work in all styles of rendering from abstract to representational and encourages mixed-media expression, incorporating collage elements. We will be adding printmaking to our work soon. Pieces from our studio are proudly displayed in the collections of art enthusiasts all over the city.

Look for our biggest show ever, this October 5th and 6th at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in the Bridgeport Neighborhood of Chicago! Look for more information about this event to be posted soon!

If you have questions or wish to purchase an item from our gallery below, please call the Envision Arts Studio at 773.537.1600. 

Two Dimensional Art Gallery